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Healing Rituals

Time : 60-90 Min
"Select centuries-old etno-wellness remedies from the Archipelago"

Oukup Martup Sumatera
Time | 90 Min

From the Batak people of northern Sumatra, this ancient and highly-effective treatment alleviates muscular pain and tension. The use of traditional Indonesian herbs promotes rejuvenation, improves blood circulation and clears the body of excess fluid.

- Detoxifies the body
- Revives lymphatic circulation
- Relaxes the muscles
- Softens the skin

Kerokan Jahe Java
Time | 90 Min

Indonesia’s best kept alternative-healing secret for when you’re feeling under the weather. Beginning with a massage to release tension in the muscles, this mildly abrasive therapy utilizes ginger "coining" to increase blood microcirculation to the surface of the skin, producing parallel stripes on the body. The heat produced with the ginger helps to relax muscles, whilst boosting the immune system. Following this treatment there is an overall sense of calm and well-being.

- Eases muscle aches
- Alleviates symptoms of the common cold
- Improves blood microcirculation

Traditional Sasak Lombok
Time | 90 Min or 60 Min

A powerful massage designed to release deep-set tension and improve blood flow and circulation. With a focus on the upper back muscles, This treatment incorporates long strokes, stretching and acupressure. When the ch’i or center of energy is flowing without disruption, balance is restored to body, mind and soul. (Choice of 90 or 60 minutes treatment)

- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Increases relaxation
- Relieves muscle tension and stiffness
- Rejuvenates ch’i