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Body Remedies

Time : 120-150 Min
"From indigenous fruits, herbs and roots to nourish the body and mind, these traditional renewing and reviving experiences are the perfect blend of holistic healing and indulgent spa."

Bedda Lotong Bugis
Time | 120 Min

Black sticky rice is roasted, pounded, and blended together with traditional herbs using cold water in a centuries-old recipe to create an effective exfoliator leaving the skin softer and brighter. Mind and body are further relaxed with the application of our custom oil blend in a soothing massage, affecting the whole body at a deeper level.

- Exfoliates and promotes new epidermis regrowth
- Softens and brightens skin
- Relaxes muscle and refreshes the spirit

Batimung Kalimantan
Time | 150 Min

A rejuvenating treatment from rainforest plants, including jasmine, rose and pandanus used in a personal steam, exfoliation and body massage. These traditional herbs reduce the toxins absorbed due to everyday living and energize the body.

- Revitalizes and detoxify skin
- Relaxes and rejuvenates muscle
- Reinvigorate vital organs
- Revives lymphatic circulation